Classical guitars, handmade in Brooklyn, NY

Handcrafted classical guitars to meet the needs of  professional performers.

I have been building and repairing guitars for nearly twenty years, always striving toward the ideal of craftsmanship. After many successes—and some failures—I continue to work to make each guitar better than the last, not only for the musician who will play it but also for myself, always looking to meet a higher standard.

Though my approach combines modern and traditional elements of guitar construction, I rely on hand tools and traditional methods whenever possible, even when it lengthens the process. My standard model loosely recalls the body style of a Herman Hauser I. I use elevated fretboards for playing comfort and stability, and compensated nuts and saddles to keep my instruments playing perfectly in tune. I handcraft the rosettes and decorative details that are unique to each guitar, and finish every instrument with the French polish technique.

The overall sound quality I'm looking to achieve is based on balance. I want to have a piano like openness with a consistent note quality between each string. I'm more concerned with the musicality of the notes rather than building merely for loudness for its own sake. Using these tools along with a personalized approach to wood choices and playing style I can achieve a wide tonal palette while maintaining my own sound.